dumb femlock sketch thing where sherlock is a 50s(???) detective girl and john is her cool greaser girlfriend?? yes
i copied the poses from a nancy drew book bc honeybadger dont cARE
bonus cutie molly (matthew??) hooper?? maybe??? 

This is still the best ever. Always reblog.



dumb femlock sketch thing where sherlock is a 50s(???) detective girl and john is her cool greaser girlfriend?? yes

i copied the poses from a nancy drew book bc honeybadger dont cARE

bonus cutie molly (matthew??) hooper?? maybe??? 


This is still the best ever. Always reblog.

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So yesterday my grandparents found a big box of old 78s that they’ve had in an attic for years, and wanted me to transfer them to CDs. Most were in pretty great shape, no cracks and few scratches. Lots of 1930s sweet/hot jazz, British big band & swing and a few Decca classical ones. This one had its label peeled/scratched off on the a side, on the reverse was a Parlophone march.

90% sure by playing it it’s unleashed some kind of 70 year old curse.

here’s a bad idea: listening to this in the dark by yourself

I heard that some records made during the 30s had laughter on them because they believed that listening to laughter would make others laugh along.

My God, they were wrong.


I’ve recently decided to freeze myself to -273℃. My friends think I’ll die, but I’ll be 0K.





I remember posting somewhere once in a thread about why girls aren’t exploited in animation anymore where some guy said, “all the disney girls are drawn to be generally attractive, but I don’t think there are any eye-candy men… or are there? Are there any Disney men that lots of girls like?” and I mentioned Roger. Tons of girls replied agreeing with me and the original guy was like “wait, Roger? from 101 Dalmatians? What’s attractive about him, he’s tall and lanky and has a big nose, he isn’t muscley at all! Wouldn’t you all prefer Gaston or something? Or do you girls think his big nose is indicative of something else?” and I was like “no, you idiot, he’s a silly, goofy guy who likes animals and can play a bunch of instruments, that’s why he’s attractive. What’s the matter with you? Gaston, seriously?”

This is why we need more girls in animation. And more guys like Roger apparently. 

This is why I laugh my ass of whenever dudes talk about how men are “objectified” by the media too. Because 9 times out of 10, what men think is “women objectifying men” are characters like Gaston.

And Gaston is NOT a woman-driven fantasy. Gaston is a male wish fulfillment fantasy. Gaston is not what women want, he is what men want to be. He is hyper-masculinity to an extreme degree, dripping with sexism and testosterone. The fact that men think that Gaston is what women want says an awful lot about those men. 

While I don’t want to generalize, female fans tend to prefer a very different kind of male hero. We like the Rogers, the Milos, the Hercules. Genuinely kind, often awkward men who are sometimes vulnerable and respectful to women. 

Yes, this is a generalization. I own up to that. But I think it’s important to remember that there is often VERY big difference between what MEN want to be and what women WANT in our media. 

Reblogging this again because fucking this. And hell, even the muscley dudes (see: Khal Drogo, Hercules, Thor, Captain America) are loved, not because they are muscley, but because they are sweet and loving and adorable. We love Thor because his mispronounces “Hubble” as “Hooble,” not because of what he can do with a hammer.

Reblogging for the awesome comments.

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"regular softer harder porridge"
daft punk


regular softer harder porridge


Typecast (Lorde “Royals” Parody)
Written and performed by Tess Paras
(feat. Haneefah Wood and Ayana Hampton)
Directed by Rebekka Johnson
Music produced by Jack Dolgen

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feliks is a terrible potions partner


feliks is a terrible potions partner





Are feminist really trying to ban the word “bossy”? Apparently the first amendment doesn’t matter anymore because feelings trump everything else.

It’s not a literal ban, oh my god. That’s just the alliterative title.

 It’s about changing the way we frame assertiveness in girls and the discussion surrounding how girls are taught to be passive from a young age and how that negatively impacts us. 

Um we should be teaching girls not to be so thin skinned. Being called bossy is not that bad. I’ve been called much worst things. Girls from a young age should be taught to not care what others say about them because in the end it doesn’t matter unless you let it bother you.

No. We don’t teach girls to “deal with” being bullied. You don’t teach girls to “put up with” being mistreated. You don’t fix problems by telling girls not to be bothered by things that research shows has real effects on them.

Jesus, you’re talking about CHILDREN that are being put down and often insulted by their peers and ADULTS, and there is research that proves this can have lasting effects on them.

And your solution is “just tell them to shut up and put up with it”? That is SO gross. 

"You shouldn’t be bothered by this abuse" is NOT HELPFUL ADVICE to people who are being abused. You stop the abuse from happening. 

Plus: Have you actually looked at the campaign? Much of it is geared towards teaching girls that being assertive is a GOOD thing and not to believe people who aim to make them feel bad about themselves. 

But, ya know, 22 year old “pro Life” dude says that we should just let girls get bullied and put down because they shouldn’t be so “thin skinned.” Glad to see you care about the kids there, buddy. 


Here’s a quick look at what my process looks like nowadays! I really only use the default pen settings in sai and the air brush for most of my coloring. Once everything’s merged, I use this brush:

to fix up some shapes which I definitely see better once all the colors are laid out. As for color palettes/theory, that’s still something I’m figuring out for myself, but don’t be afraid to rely on photos/pre-existing color palettes to test the waters!




Danny sits in Chem class and frowns.

Everyone sure misses class a lot.

We need an entire episode from Danny’s point of view. You know, an outsider’s perspective. And you see Scott, Stiles and Isaac in a corner always whispering and skipping school. Then you have Aiden and Ethan always on Scott’s ass and Danny’s like wtf is going on, is it a sex thing? and then Lydia’s always screaming and Kira started wearing leather and playing with swords and she was hanging out with Miguel?!?! Also the other night he could’ve sworn he saw Allison kicking some guy’s ass. Is everyone on some drug cult? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?!?

OMG, an episode from Danny’s pov would be gold. 

Also, not only would it be great to see what he thinks about all the goings on in Beacon Hills, it would be even more awesome to find out what’s going on in Danny’s life. 

What’s he doing while all the others are running around dealing with the Supernatural nonsense?


R | part i | m | enjolras/grantaire | modern au, supernatural elements, demons, possession, les amis de l’abc, enjolras was a charming young man capable of being terrible

Following: part ii | part iii

Grantaire’s eyes are black.

He blinks twice, long dark lashes sweeping down and then snapping open. The pupils of his eyes - if he still had them - would be focused on Enjolras, but instead their darkness just reflects his image back, frowning and confused.

He tightens his grip on the knife he’s holding, feels his knuckles start to turn white.

Grantaire grins.

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When Steve Kloves (who wrote the majority of the Potter screenplays) met J.K. Rowling for the first time, he told her straight up that Hermione was his favorite character. Rowling admitted to being relieved, and who could blame her? It was more likely for Hermione to end up disrespected on screen—she wouldn’t be the first female hero to get butchered in the reels.

But this resulted in an undercutting of Ron’s entire character from the first movie. Don’t believe it? When the trio go after the Philosopher’s Stone, they face a series of tests that demand each of their skills in turn. Time likely demanded that this sequence be cut down, and so Hermione’s test—solving Professor Snape’s potion riddle—was removed entirely. To make up for this, she gets them out of the Devil’s Snare, Professor Sprout’s deadly plant. Hermione shouts to Harry and Ron to relax so the foliage will release them—but Ron continues to panic and moan (in campiest fashion possible because he’s played by a child actor and these things are always requested of them), requiring Hermione to blast the thing with a sunlight spell.

In the book, Hermione is the one who panics. She remembers what her lessons taught her—that the Devil’s Snare will recoil at fire—but balks at their lack of matches while they are being strangled to death. Ron immediately shrieks to the rescue YOU ARE A WITCH YOU HAVE A WAND YOU KNOW SPELLS WHAT ARE MATCHES.

It’s a simple change, but it makes such a marked difference in how both characters come off to an audience. Rather than a near-infant, incapable of following the clearest directions, Ron is the even-keeled nitty-gritty one. He’s a tactician, the one who will find the simplest answer to a problem provided that the situation is dire enough to ensure his clear head. Ron is good under pressure and brave to boot. He’s also hilarious.

It is easy to write this off as an actor problem; Emma Watson matured and improved much faster than her costars in terms of talent—and Steve Kloves liked her portrayal so much that he started giving her many of Ron’s important lines. During The Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius Black is trying to get to Peter Pettigrew (currently disguised as Scabbers the Rat), but Ron and Hermione are convinced he’s after Harry. In the book, Ron stares up defiantly from his mangled, broken leg and tells Sirius Black that if he wants Harry, he’ll have to get through his friends first.

Yeah, my leg hurts way too much, Hermione. You take this one. But say it’s from me. And in the film, it’s Hermione who boldly steps in the line of fire while Ron sobs in pain and babbles incoherently.

These rewrites not only depict Ron as an idiot coward—they also make him an outright jerk. When Professor Snape snaps at Hermione yet again for being an insufferable know-it-all, movie-Ron gives her a look and drawls, “He’s right, you know.” Wait, what?! Harry, why are you friends with this prick? Well, maybe because the Ron Weasley that J.K. Rowling put on paper was in that exact same situation, and immediately leapt to Hermione’s defense when she was being abused by a teacher—“You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?”


The marauders sitting in the common room doing homework and James is reading for an assignment and he thinks it’s stupid and just yells “are you fucking serious?!”

Remus says “yes” before thinking it through and begins contemplating a jump off the astronomy tower. Sirius looks momentarily horrified then Peter passes over a galleon to James and they move on with their homework as if it never happened.



hello long time no see……

THIS IS SO FANTASTIC,  I love the lighting and the body language!



hello long time no see……

THIS IS SO FANTASTIC,  I love the lighting and the body language!