I just read an interview where daniel diges said that his wife and son tell him to shut up when he sings in the shower and I find that both endearing and hilarious

*long drawn-out scream* WATERCOLOOOOOOORS

anxiety can go die in a fire <3

oooh it just started pouring in earnest yay

did i mention that my friend is glorious and translated vienes y te vas for me and now i can listen to it smiling stupidly because it’s actually pretty cute






Hyperbole is my favorite.

The differences are probably things that you could see if you looked at sound waves, but I actually don’t know much about the physics of sound. I had a terrible physics teacher and my music theory knowledge made the physics of sound the best section, but that’s not saying much.

Part of it may be frequency. The whip crack likely has a higher frequency than your typical low, rolling thunder. Also the whipcrack is always going to be loud, while the rolling thunder is sometimes quiet, sometimes loud. I know part of sound is the energy put into it.

You may want to look into psychoacoustics. The wikipedia article isn’t exhaustive but looks like a good intro.

Also, on a related topic, have you ever been at an indoor shooting range? The gunshots are loud, but you use protection which at minimum puts them below pain and long term hearing loss. But I can’t go to indoor ranges anymore because the waves of the sound are so strong that they give me near-immediate head pain, either mimicking an ear ache or a particularly bad sinus pressure headache. So it’s not just perceived sound that causes effect, but also force. And while I don’t have the knowledge to really delve into it properly, what I’m trying to get at is that the whipcrack thunder is more compressed and probably has a higher force/pressure that rolling thunder.

Also, your own hearing highly effects how you perceive sound. I hear high pitches much better than low pitches. I find high pitched noises really, really annoying. I don’t even like sopranos or even a decent chunk of pop music because the voices are too high. I hate cymbals and drum sets because I hear them as white noise that washes out the rest of the sound in a song. I love piccolos in theory, but in practice I can’t stand them and they’re occasionally actually painful.

On the other hand, when I was in band if I could hear the tubas while we were playing a piece it was a 97% guarantee that when we stopped, the director would tell the tubas they were too loud. One of my favorite performances I’ve ever done was at a jazz festival that was tiny and poorly organized and I just wanted to be gone, but the bass amp was placed on the end of my riser and I heard the bass guitar well in jazz band for the first and last time. It was awesome. I’m not allowed to balance sound boards in general (even if I knew every last bit of it) because what sound right to me would be way overloaded on the low end for most folks and possibly too quiet on the high end because I have a significant loss on the low end.

Ahaha. I had a great physics teacher and the only reason I passed was because my friend and I stayed after school literally every class day to get help on the homework lol. 

Frequency is a good point. And no, I’ve never been to an indoor shooting range (though it is one of my goals in life to learn how to shoot at least passably so if I ever end up in a situation with a gun, I’ll know how to use it). But you’re right about the force thing. I wonder where those heart-stopping fireworks fall, tbh. I don’t know how well you can hear them, since I’ve always thought of them as a lower-pitched sound, but I don’t think about it that much - but you know the ones I’m talking about? The really bright camera-flash kind of light and the boom that seems to go through your chest. Like not actually heart-stopping, but I always feel like it’s skipping during those. Which I actually like ahaha, but you know. Probably not everyone does.

oh boo. :( I’m sorry about that. Although speaking of that, do you have lower-ranged female artists to recommend? Because I feel like pop lends itself to higher women and the mid-low range girls aren’t generally there and I don’t really notice until I hear a woman singing in a lower range and then I’m like wAIT. (It might just frustrate me though, since my range is generally more on the high side and I always get sad when I can’t sing along with stuff. OTL)

Although I think it would be really interesting to hear a sound board balanced to your ear. Sort of like super bass-boost.

Ooh, wait, I just went on the psychoacoustics stuff and after reading the masking section I realized that it’s actually kinda weird that stuff can get drowned out when I think about it. Because if we can theoretically hear both perfectly, it’s feels odd that we wouldn’t be able to pick out one, even if it were quieter.

why must emailing be such an anxiety-inducer


Speaking of the song that spotify magically came up with here it is. :D It’s super fun and kinda jazzy and just basically great.

(Source: Spotify)



It’s thundering so loudly it woke me up and it’s kinda terrifying like oh my god what’s happening it’s like these thousand decibel slow rolling whip cracks and guugghhh

On the upside, interrupted a nightmare, so there we are.

A hundred decibels would be more accurate to the system and might actually be the decibel of the thunder. 20 is a whisper 40-60 is conversation, 120 is the sound of a jet taking off 1km away (but the distance on this varies a lot depending on whose ratings you look at). There are lots of charts that show the decibel of a lot of different things so you know the relative loudness. I just spend lots of time thinking about hearing and audiology so I’ve tried to memorize stuff like that.

You might find this chart interesting. It shows what frequency and how loud things are. You can chart someone’s hearing onto it to get an idea of what they can and can’t hear (ignore the piano. That’s bullshit. Pianos range from ~100Hz up to ~5000Hz and can be very quiet or very loud. It is a range not a set point). All the letters are in a shaded purple thing. This bubble of sounds is often referred to as the “speech banana” and a lot of charts shade the area yellow because of that name.

I’m not upset!! I’m actually kinda curious, because this was one of those thunderstorms that sounded like lightning was coming down in our backyard (though it wasn’t), and I feel like it was louder than a close-by jet would be. Though it might also be because the thunder was also a lot sharper and faster than a jet takeoff, which I perceive as more of a long rolling roar, you know? And that’s easier to bear/acclimate to since it’s a longer buildup. At least to me. Whipcrack thunder isn’t roaring so much as snapping and it’s just such a different dynamic in the context.

… did that make any sense OTL

(also lol I just picked a large number because hyperbole is my favorite literary device)

eta: ooh, looks like a gunshot is actually pretty close to the jet plane on that chart, which is interesting - but I guess it kinda goes back to the whole sharpness/buildup/whatever thing I was talking about. Probably psychology??

A+ spotify for shuffling straight into the song I wanted to hear for this artist.

It’s thundering so loudly it woke me up and it’s kinda terrifying like oh my god what’s happening it’s like these thousand decibel slow rolling whip cracks and guugghhh

On the upside, interrupted a nightmare, so there we are.

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ohhhh yeah, i hear you. i generally don’t bother talking to my parents about any of these things because it’s pointless. like my mom saying racist things at the mall and defending herself when i call her on it… why bother, she doesn’t listen.

My mum doesn’t do that, she’s fine really. It’s like… the more grainy bits where like I can’t even be sure I’m right for a lot of stuff but I definitely disagree with her and that’s when things go downhill ahaha. I just get anxious and sad and upset and worked up and boom. She’s never being problematic purposefully or anything. erk, sorry about that though. :/

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do you usually have to talk about feminism to people who have no frigging clue because that would do it :|

Not exactly. Often it’s because my mum has opinions that I disagree with, but like i just get emotional and I know I won’t be able to change her mind and she’s entitled to opinions and I just don’t know how to argue without demanding everyone to conform to the my view which is also wrong, but I just?? everything gets confusing and stressful and anxious and then cue all the tears. OTL

resisting the temptation to buy daniel diges’ album on itunes bc if I do that then i need to buy david bisbal’s stuff too and i just



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GAD LOOK AT THAT HAIR, of ALL the actors to put a wig on for Enjolras. *shakes head*

UGH RIGHT. I stand by my statement that his hair is like honey spun gold and like seriously what mORE COULD YOU ASK FOR FOR ENJOLRAS