I love my housing but the logistics of being here are really difficult. Like:

- hour commute with the flash flood?? How??? Walking shoes are wet so do I walk in heels?? In a cobblestoned city? help
- laundry and money and oh god time and actual laundry process how everything is different and expensive here
- food. How do I afford and also eat enough without disobeying their rules?
- I can’t get back until 9:30pm some days and I can’t help that and I just I’m tired and scared

None of these are big things, I’m just stressing bc anxiety and logistics freak me out more than anything sometimes







Admit it we were all a little bummed out that the old lady didn’t actually all that badass fighting in this scene




I choose to believe that before the Alzheimer’s really set in Peggy and a bunch of the other retired ladies of SHIELD used to tell their families they were going out for bingo nights and then drive into the roughest parts of the city to bring some sweet vigilante justice. Nobody ever heard about it because none of the criminals were ever willing to admit they got their asses kicked by a bunch of grandmas, but there was a sudden drop in crimes against the elderly in DC. 

I was so disappointed in the theater, I wanted her to be an awesome senior SHIELD exec taking charge of the moment.

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  • [drunk joly voice] no ssshhh SSSHHH HE'S GONNA
  • [drunk joly voice] ok go
  • [drunk combeferre voice] theeeeeeeeeeere's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, and hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium........

why are there no lyrics anywhere for daniel diges’ music. damn it.


Part 4 of Happy Endings! This time just some cute sleepy makeouts in the morning. 

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ahh yes my favorite time of year


ahh yes my favorite time of year


Yup. Sometimes.

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I don’t think people realise how hard it is to re-discover the person you were before depression or even try to remember your own personality

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basically i want a crime show that’s dedicated to exploring the ways gender, race, class, disability, and sexually are dealt with by the police force and the media. and is also interesting and has pretty cinematography and vampires maybe. 

did you mean BBC Sherlock?

no i absolutely did not

Yes you did

no i really didn’t

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I find it weird that every time people personify the Seven Deadly Sins, they’ll make six of them portray the doer (someone who IS angry, someone who IS slothful, etc), but then they go to Lust and portray them as object being acted upon (someone OTHER PEOPLE would lust after).

Like honestly it would be more accurate to make them some scruffy white dude with a fedora than a sexy girl with curves.

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As I have not seen anyone talk about this on my dash so far, I’ve decided to make this post. I can only hope that you guys read and reblog this, because my country needs as much awareness as possible right now.

These are the photos from the last 2 days from Kiev, Ukraine. Our country has been protesting against the government since November 22, when president Viktor Yanukovych and his government stopped the process of signing the free-trade treaty with the EU. Many of us saw that treaty as a beacon of hope. Ukrainians are a European nation that has been in the Soviet clutches for far too long, and we were really, really pissed that the EU treaty was terminated literally days before it was supposed to be signed. We felt betrayed, and we went to the streets.

On November 30th the riot police brutally attacked a handful of peaceful protesters who stayed on the main square in Kiev overnight. They were severely beaten and arrested simply for voicing their civic opinion. This sparked a revolution.

Since then we’ve built barricades on the streets, held rallies with hundreds of thousands protesters not only in Kiev, but all over the country. We are sick of the government that robs and beats its own people, and ignores their discontent when it’s expressed. There has been many vile attacks on our activists from the government, provocations and attempts to discredit the peaceful protest, but this whole time we’ve been hell-bent on remaining a peaceful demonstration of will. 

But that stopped on January 16th, when the pairlament majority declared a full fledged war to its own people by unconstitutionally adopting new laws that virtually make dictatorship legal in Ukraine. The new laws include:

  • 10-15 years of imprisonmant for mass disturbances
  • imprisonment for “spreading extremist propaganda”, whatever that means
  • default imprisonment of defendant witout them being present in court
  • easier way to strip MPs of their immunity
  • ban to wear helmets, masks, “large hats” during protest
  • ban to gather near anyone’s property
  • aquisition of SIM-cards only via passport
  • criminalisation of libel
  • censorship of media and social networks

and a lot of other things that basically restrict the possibility of peaceful protest. They have voted for this law breaking all regulations and the Constitution. They voted for this law by SHOW OF HANDS, with votes “counted” in mere seconds.

This sparked an outrage, and led to the violent clashes depicted above. The people don’t know what else to do. We are a free nation that has been brought to its knees far too many times in our history, and we refuse for it to happen again.

Our government, courts, and police are corrupt beyond belief. They pay money to thugs to wreak havoc in the streets and beat people up. The riot police has been witnessed torturing innocent people, attacking journalists and breaking their equipment. They grab students off the steets and condemn them with “extremism”. They are doing EVERYTHING to break our will and for you guys to be unaware of their crimes.

So I wrote this, however ineplty. Please, be aware, spread this information. The EU and the USA have been “expressing deep concern” far too many times - we need action. We need real sanctions against our “president” and the criminal organisation that is the Ukrainian government, and we need more moral support and global awareness.

Read more about the protest here  

or on BuzzFeed

or in the NYTimes 

Update: three people have been reported dead. Two of them were shot dead by police snipers.

Please, reblog this. We are desperate.


Happy Birthday David Lynch!!!


Happy Birthday David Lynch!!!