A re-imagining of Rapunzel.


A re-imagining of Rapunzel.



Rapunzel is surprisingly adorable as a guy…

*whispers* thats because it’s Thor



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Some of Claire Keane’s concept art for Tangled. I love the tenebrism reminiscent of Caravaggio. Also the strong jaws in some of them remind me of Rossetti of the Pre-Raphaelites. Yummy stuff. I feel like if they had gone this way, we would have had a much darker but even more gorgeous film. 

I also like her costume ideas a lot more than what ended up in the film. 

It’s always painful to look at concept art and realize just how disappointing the final product actually is, and this the case with nearly all of Disney’s work.  A lot of it unfortunately comes down to the fact that the people at Disney care too much about what the public thinks; they care too much about pleasing everyone, and so they never actually take risks or do anything that’s truly different— they haven’t since Walt’s death.  According to those who knew him, Walt always asked “What do kids want to see?”  He never asked “What do parents want their kids to see?” and that’s something the company has seriously forgotten.  It’s a shame because they have so many gifted artists working for them and all that talent is being wasted on mediocre, unambitious, “safe” projects.

Reblogging for the pretty art, sure, but mostly for the commentary.

It hurts my stomach looking at these pieces and thinking about how great Tangled could have been if they went in this direction. I can already imagine it looking at these pieces and it could have been so much more beautiful

I can agree with some points here and some not. I too think that Disney should change it’s way of thinking and focus on the art and the children not on the parents but I bet there are some people there thinking the same way and trying to change things. I have the feeling that Disney tries to make small steps back to their roots. But still, I wish it was different but this animation films are very expensive and you have to think of the parents in some way because they are the people spending the money on the products.

I also agree that the concept art is often marvelous and makes you wish that more of it’s essence was in the film, but don’t forget there are many, many artists working toghether so in the end there won’t be one style standing out. Everyone will bring parts into it.

But I hate the “With Walt Disney everything was better, he was a genius” attitude.  It’s just not right, yes he cared for children and the stories they wanted to tell but you must also credit the artists who had the ideas and brought everything to live despite the poor working conditions and payment and Walt Disney’s dictatorial attitude.

And what I read from Glen Keane, the goal they had with Rapunzel was to make a computer animated film, which look wasn’t limited by the abilities the digital animation had. They wanted to make film were the artists influence the look and not the programm. They wanted to get a more painted look and I think they made it very good.

learning an angry language (red riding hood/rapunzel)


She is born screaming. 

Her mother smiles, exhausted, and calls her Scarlett for the color on her cheeks.  It is her grandmother who gives her the cape, knitted with shaking hands; it is her father who bestows her the nickname Little Red, grinning indulgently at her from across the fire. She has the run of the house, cape billowing behind her like wings, laughter always thick on her tongue; she listens carefully, but well. She knows better than to talk to strangers in the forest. She is a good daughter. 

The wolf stalks her, and she hardens. The wolf eats her grandmother, and she hardens. The huntsman saves her, cuts her free, and Scarlett watches the old woman she loves so well beat him with a nearby walking stick, furious beyond the telling of it that they didn’t just let her go.

She hardens. She grows up. She is not little anymore, though she will always be Red. She was born screaming. There are worse things in the forest than wolves. 

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I am actually speechless at how awesome this is.