DEAR GOD I hadn’t looked at my about page in forever and it was horrifically outdated please say no one actually looked at it and thought it was accurate help


hi there

multifandom, currently much Les Mis

I tag obsessively

let me know if I upset you, I will apologize and tag more obsessively (or, you know, whatever I need to do to make it better, or I will at least try because sometimes I am not the best at that I know sorry in advance)

theoretically I make art and write things but uh yeah

idk everything on this blog needs an overhaul I think, including a giant taglist because seriously what is the POINT of my tags if no one but me uses them but hey if you’re looking for a good start my ‘dying’ tag is p much all the stupid funny things on my blog which is probs good for cheering and so and such.

I study lots of languages and am a disgrace to my heritage because my Chinese is abysmal anyways.